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Society for Student Philosophers

The inclusion of graduate and undergraduate students in the American Philosophical Association is of prime importance for both the professional future of the discipline and the intellectual growth of its students.  As such, the Society for Student Philosophers was formed in 2001 to provide an outlet for student participation at the division meetings of the American Philosophical Association.  It has since expanded its activities to include holding an annual conference that attracts submissions from students around the world and that features premiere keynote speakers from various areas of philosophy.

Please feel free to email the Society with any suggestions or comments you may have.

Jeremy Henkel, Ph.D.

Wofford College

Director, Society for Student Philosophers


Scott R. Stroud, Ph.D.

University of Texas at Austin

Assistant Director, Society for Student Philosophers



SSP Updates:



    SSP 2010 Annual Conference      

    University of Texas at Austin

     Keynote Speakers: Larry A. Hickman, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, & Gerard A. Hauser, University of Colorado, Boulder



     SSP Panels at the 2010 APA-Pacific Division Meeting 









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